We are a group of portuguese artists who took the exhibition of their work in their own hands and created their own artist-run space on the internet back in 1998. On rare occasions, new work may appear.


Eduardo Morais · December 2005

Twisted metal, broken glass - how many shattered lives haunt the apparently soulless mechanical debris? It's not just the destroyed vehicles - here lies a whole lifestyle.


Eduardo Morais · February 2003

Pick up B&W film. Take photos of rays of light and television screens. Develop the film yourself, using the bathroom as a makeshift darkroom. Damage the negatives and paint over them with ecoline. And don't forget to use your fingers.

Defocused Analysis

Eduardo Morais · October 2002

Experimenting with an out of focus TV screen. Music by Fizzarum.

Let's Induce Some Paranoia

Eduardo Morais · September 2002

Which photos are real?

Sunny Afternoon One

Eduardo Morais · February 2002

An experimental short. Music by Salice.


Eduardo Morais · October 2001

What's the rush?


Marta Lopes · September 2001

Very high speed photography in transition.


Eduardo Morais · July 2001

A study on very sharp contrasts, exaggerating the collisions between an object and the skyline. It will literally rock your browser.

We'd Have Risen Higher

Eduardo Morais · April 2001

A display of concept artwork designed for an unfinished PC demo. It has a pre-apocalyptic, 'gothic' feel, quite different from most of the other works by the author.


Eduardo Morais · December 2000

Science fiction photography that merges the present day with visuals from the future, taken from the movie 'Bladerunner'.


Eduardo Morais · October 2000

Take three photos of the same place, cut thin stripes of each one and carefully overlay them. A curious technique with surprising results.


Ricardo Duque · July 2000

Unique moments while travelling through Europe.


Eduardo Morais · May 2000

Frozen moments in time.

Instant Inspiration

Maria Ruiz · April 2000

Just because.

Wired House

Ricardo Duque · January 2000

A house with two doors: The first one will give access to a small road on the hillside, the second will give access to everywhere.

The Apocalypse

Eduardo Morais · December 1999

December 1999, pre-milennium tension at its peak.

A Night Walk

Eduardo Morais · June 1999

A visual narrative of a quiet night stroll. Quiet?...


Eduardo Morais + Ricardo Duque · August 1998

A photographic journey through a lifeless city.

Work Buy Consume Die

Eduardo Morais · March 1998

A corporate-sponsored diary entry.